We are open to engage in collaboration to drive research-led digital innovation

We bring together interdisciplinary perspectives and approaches in methodological and domain-specific KSRI Labs:

AI Lab Background
Applied AI in Services Lab
We apply machine learning and artificial intelligence for the development of innovative AI-based services.LEARN MORE
DSDI Lab Background
Digital Service Design & Innovation Lab
The Digital Service Design & Innovation Lab is dedicated to designing innovative service systems focussing on human-centered design and digitally enabled collaboration.LEARN MORE
(e)Mobility Services Lab

This lab is currently in transformation. Please be patient, we will update the information and contents in due time.

Health Care Lab Background
Health Care Lab

KRSI's Health Care Lab applies quantitative methods to health care planning problems.

Supply Chain Lab Background
Supply Chain Lab

The Supply Chain Lab develops holistic and innovative solutions for practical problems in supply chain management through interdisciplinary research.