Project EVRALOG-BW Teaser

This project develops and validates new planning criteria for the standardized planning of EMS structures throughout the state.

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Project SCATTER Teaser
Project: SCATTER

SCATTER aims to develop a computer-based simulation to provide recommendations and decision-making support for nationwide COVID-19 patient transports in case of overload situations.

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HCL Teaser Practical Seminar
Project: Healthcare Resilience against Cyber Attacks

This project aims to improve the resilience of healthcare providers in the event of cyber-attacks and to ensure patient safety.

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The Health Care Lab pools interdisciplinary competencies of researchers at KSRI and provides sound decision support to solve health care planning problems. We generally work with quantitative methods from operations research, such as process optimization, simulation, and machine learning. In doing so, we are in close contact with partners from the health care sector, especially hospitals, medical practices, and those responsible for emergency service planning. Further partners are the FZI and the IOR, in particular the research group Discrete Optimization and Logistics.


Research at the Health Care Lab deals with various topics related to the analysis and optimization of processes in the health care sector. Attention is also paid to the consideration of increasing digitalization. The most important topics include process optimization in the emergency services, for general practitioners and in hospitals.

  • Rescue service logistics

  • Area planning for general practitioners

  • Personnel and shift planning

  • Scheduling

  • Layout planning and stock-keeping in hospitals

  • Surgery planning

  • Transport planning


  name institute e-mail
Prof.Dr. Stefan Nickel (Owner) IOR
Sven Watzinger (Lab Lead) IOR sven.watzinger∂
Hannah Bakker IOR hannah.bakker∂