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Project: bi.smart

As part of the bi.smart project, we develop research results and practical solutions for the integrated design of smart Product-Service Systems (sPSS).

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Teaching: Service Design Thinking
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Research Collaboration: Data Sharing x BASF


The design logic for value creation is undergoing radical change. Servitization and digital transformation as its core drivers are changing traditional offerings and business models as well as organizations, collaboration and human work. The ability to conceive and develop digital services will be a key competence for the competitiveness of organizations. We can already witness technical innovations in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) or the Internet of Things (IoT) to be primarily translated into innovative service offerings. As a consequence, enterprises and public organizations need to form new types of business models to capture the value from these digital services and integrate them with their existing business. Eventually, organizations will often no longer be able to offer digital services on their own, but engage in dynamic collaboration of interconnected partners, typically facilitated by digital platforms.

In addition, digitalization opens up entirely new opportunities for interaction with users and the co-creation of services: With voice-controlled digital assistants, machine interaction moves into users' living rooms, while highly personalized services are facilitated by mobile devices equipped with sensors and machine learning processes – e.g., personal training assistants. Becoming more user-oriented through human-centered innovation and design is a cornerstone in this regard.


In the Digital Service Design & Innovation Lab we are convinced that technological advancements and the human perspective need to be considered simultaneously when designing innovative service systems. We contribute to tackling this challenge by conducting research in two major fields:

Firstly, we focus on advancing approaches and theories which facilitate the creation of digital services that meet user needs, integrate seamlessly with human behavior, and engage people sustainably. Secondly, we investigate novel forms of digitally enabled collaboration, as on digital platforms or in data ecosystems and conceive methods for turning digital services around emerging technologies such as AI, Analytics or IoT into business models.

Current topics include:

  • Human-Centric Design of Digital Services

    • Service Design Thinking
    • Engagement in Digital Contexts
    • Human-AI Interaction
    • AI-supported Creativity
    • Open and Collaborative Innovation
  • Data-based Services & Platform Ecosystems

    • Digital Platforms and Data Ecosystems
    • Analytics-based Services
    • Data Value and Open Data
    • Data-based Business Models


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Prof. Dr. Gerhard Satzger (Owner) IISM-DSI gerhard satzger∂kit edu
Dr. Niels Feldman (Lab lead) IISM-DSI niels.feldmann∂kit.edu
Carina Benz (Lab lead) IISM-DSI carina.benz∂kit.edu