Niklas Kühl Podcast

Podcast: Where Does Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stand in Industry Today? Insights and Beyond

  • Date: 05.12.2020
  • Where does AI stand in industry today? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly important. However, many businesses are still not able to demonstrate added value from AI projects – very often remaining in their infancy stage. What are the reasons behind this? Where do businesses generally stand with AI and digitalization – and what role does the general data protection regulations have in this case? Are cultural changes necessary – and how can these be implemented? Should AI concern those involved in corporate strategy – or should it be left to the IT nerds… These questions and more will be discussed in this podcast episode by Dr. Niklas Kühl (DSI of IISM/KSRI) and Dr. Johannes Kunze von Bischoffshausen.

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