Participation at HICSS 2021

  • Date: 25.11.2020
HiCSS 54

The IISM research groups of Prof. Mädche, Prof. Satzger, and Prof. Weinhardt are present at the Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences with 11 accepted conference papers:

Baier, L., Kellner, V., Kühl, N., Satzger, G. 
Dealing with Incremental Drift in Demand Forecast.

Enders, T., Kühl, N., Walk, J., Muff, M. 
Designing Chemical Emergency Response Systems Based on Open Data.

Hirt, R., Berg, C., Srivastava, A., Kühl, N. 
Sequential Transfer Machine Learning in Networks: Measuring the Impact of Data and Neural Net Similarity on Transferability.

Hunke, F., Thomsen, H., Satzger, G. 
Investigating Modular Reuse as an Underlying Mechanism of Conceptualization during Service Design – the Case of Key Activity Orchestration.

Kühl, N., Martin, D., Wolff, C., Volkamer, M.  
“Healthy surveillance”: Designing a concept for privacy-preserving mask recognition AI in the age of pandemics.

Reuter-Oppermann, M., Wolff, C., Pumplun, L.
Next Frontiers in Emergency Medical Services in Germany: Identifying Gaps between Academia and Practice.

Benke, I., Heinzl, A.Maedche, A. 
The Relationship of Collaboration Technologies and Cognition and Affect

Golla, A., Meinke, J., Liu, V., Staudt, P., Anderson, L., Weinhardt, C
Direct Policy Search for Multiobjective Optimization of the Sizing and Operation of Citizen Energy Communities.

Henni, S., Jaquart, P., Staudt, P., Weinhardt, C
Towards Financial Risk Management for Intermittent Renewable Generation with Battery Storage.

vom Scheidt, F., Qu, Jingyi, Staudt, P., Mallapragada, D., Weinhardt, C. 
The effects of electricity tariffs on cost-minimal hydrogen supply chains and their impact on electricity prices and redispatch costs.

Kloker, S., Greif-Winzrieth, A.  
Design Triggers for Excessive Online Video Clip Watching.

For further information feel free to directly contact the authors.