Study Free Floating Car Sharing

Study on Free-Floating Carsharing in Europe

  • Date: 11.09.2020
  • On behalf of SHARE NOW, Prof. Dr. Hansjörg Fromm and Dr. Patrick Jochem, together with their team, conducted a comprehensive study on the impact of car sharing on the mobility of city dwellers with over 10000 participants from 11 European cities. Carsharing reduces private vehicle holdungs significantly (between 2.1 and 5.3 private vehicles have been sold per carsharing vehicle, between 7.8 and 18.6 vehicle purchases have been suppressed). Participants who sold a car increase their use of public transportation, bicycle, and walking. It was further determined that carsharing reduces CO2 emissions considerably (between 8.7 and 34.9 tons annually per carsharing vehicle). The study was featured in an article in the September issue of Internationales Verkehrswesen.