Daniel Heinz and Benedikt Blumenstiel

New team members of the KSRI team: Benedikt Blumenstiel und Daniel Heinz

  • Date: 21.04.2020
  • Benedikt Blumenstiel is studying Information Systems at KIT and will work as a Junior Researcher of the KSRI. He got to know the KSRI through his bachelor thesis on Text Mining and is now developing AI applications for the construction industry. 

    Daniel Heinz is studying Industrial Engineering and Management and is in the final year of his Master’s degree with focus on Management and Applied Informatics. After finishing his Bachelor’s degree in April 2018, he first spend a semester abroad at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane (Australia), where he took part in the local design thinking program as one of his classes. Since October, he already contributed to the BigDieMo 2.0 project as a student assistant at IISM/KSRI. In his new role as a Junior Researcher he will continue to do research on data-based services.