KSRI at the BigDieMo Roadshow

  • Date: 27.09.2017
  • At the BigDieMo Roadshow, participants learned about methods for team-based design of new data-based services. The roadshows were carried out in close cooperation with our partners (Cyberforum Karlsruhe, IHK Nuremberg, Hamburg Chamber of Commerce) and the locations Nuremberg, Hamburg and Karlsruhe. The participants from industry were able to gain insights into the first results and the interim status of the research project and to provide impulses for the design of data-based services and business models. In order to demonstrate the potential of data for business models, KSRI has organized presentations by Prof. Dr. Gerhard Satzger (KSRI) and Hans-Joachim Koeppen (Technical Leader IoT & Industry 4.0 - IBM). The central focus of our event was the interactive testing of the BigDieMo toolbox.