Predictive Analytics with IBM: Emira Darmoul and Daniel Steuer and their Master Thesis work

  • Date: 21.06.2016
  • In a joint cooperation with IBM two students are completing their Master Theses on Predictive Analytics at KSRI at the moment. Emira Darmoul is working on “Spare part prediction using vehicle production data” and Daniel Steuer is researching “New parts demand prediction in the automotive sector”. Both of them are writing their Master Theses in Industrial Engineering supervised by Verena Hutterer and Dr. Peter Korevaar, who also was a Senior Researcher at KSRI until 2014.

    Both Theses are conducted within the “Medium and Long Term Prediction Planning” project which was commissioned to IBM by a German automotive company. Objective of this project is the prediction of demand in spare parts until the end of provisioning which is usually 15-20 years after production. The particular problem is that contracts with suppliers usually end before this date and the manufacturer therefore needs to store spare parts.

    Already, in 2015 two KIT master students worked together with the All Time Parts Prediction Team as interns.