Our new coworkers at KSRI

  • Date: 19.05.2016
  • Five new coworkers have joined the research group Service Innovation and Management at KSRI recently. The first new research associate Stefan Seebacher is working in the BigDieMo project team since March. Stefan studied Industrial Engineering at KIT and previously was a research associate at RWTH Aachen. Jannis Walk returned to KIT and KSRI after his studies abroad and is working as a research associate with the STEP project during his Master studies. Jan Scheurenbrand is studying for his Master's degree as well and joined us as a research associate in the DELFIN project.

    Starting in mid-May Michael Vössing and Fabian Hunke are part of the team. Both of them participated in the Service Design thinking program. Michael obtained is Bachelor and Master degree in Industrial Engineering at KIT and will be researching in the field of Predictive Maintenance within the STEP project.Fabian just finished his Master degree and is starting his research efforts as an associate researcher in the BigDieMo project.

    A warm welcome to all of you!