ECIS 2014: KSRI Researcher is awarded second place at Ciborra Award

  • Date: 01.07.2014
  • The 22nd European Conference on Information System (ECIS) 2014 - one of the top ranked information systems conferences – was held Tel Aviv, Israel from June 9 to 11, 2014. Niels Feldmann and Tim Straub from the Karlsruhe Service Research Institute (KSRI) as well as some fellow researchers from KIT IISM -presented their scientific work.

    The paper titled "Using Serious Games for Idea Assessment in Service Innovation" was submitted by Niels Feldmann, Marc T. P. Adam (IISM) and Maximilian Bauer (student), got nominated for the Ciborra Award of the conference, i.e. the award for the most innovative paper and was awarded second place at the conference. In this paper Niels and his team explore the user acceptance of serious games for the assessing ideas for innovations. They also investigate to what extent the outcome of such games can be influenced when played by people showing similar or different personality traits. For their research the scientists invited 250 students into an experimental lab, made them fill-in a personality test from psychology (Big 5) and built teams of 5 players each according to the persons' scores regarding one dimension of the test ("Openness to experience") that is highly correlated with creativity. The experiment showed that homogeneous teams with high Openness scores seemed to have a preference for more radical ideas for innovations than homogeneous teams with lower openness scores or teams with mixed scores.



    Further Conference Papers involving KSRI researchers:

    Tim Straub, Henner Gimpel (University of Augsburg), Florian Teschner, Christof Weinhardt: “Feedback and Performance in Crowd Work: A Real Effort Experiment.”

    Niels Feldmann, Henner Gimpel (University of Augsburg), Michael Müller and Werner Geyer (both IBM Research): “Idea Assessment via Enterprise Crowdfunding: An Empirical Analysis of Decision-Making styles.”