TEDxRheinMain Rocketminds

  • Date: 16.05.2014
  • On May 8, 2014 the Rocketminds-themed TEDxRheinMain took place at the European Space Agency ESA in Darmstadt. Innovative ideas and projects by the chosen Rocketminds were presented in six different sessions. A group of 15 visitors from KSRI including Prof. Hansjörg Fromm and Prof. Gerhard Satzger attended the TEDx event and also presented their research at a joined booth with other KIT researchers.

    At the exhibition that followed KSRI presented its own ideas for the future together with other researchers from KIT. Henning Kollenbroich and Michael Vössing introduced an App that has been developed in the Service Design Thinking program and took the opportunity to test the App with other visitors.
    Magie Hall presented her research within in the social cloud to the visitors: What do your Facebook posts reveal about your personality? Using popular political figures, KSRI’s Information Management team showed how simple status updates reveal confidence, lying, aggression, and happiness.
    Christoph Amma from the Cognitive Systems Lab CSL at KIT presented the Airwriting system which recognizes text from hand gestures. Together with Prof. Tanja Schultz he has been awarded a Google Research Award for this project.