KSRI Member Receives IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Award for Sales Force Analytics and Optimization

  • Date: 28.02.2014

    On February 18, Johannes Kunze von Bischoffshausen received one of the few annually granted IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Awards for his research on sales force analytics and optimization. Johannes is a Ph.D. student and member of the graduate program “Service Research” at the Karlsruhe Service Research Institute (KSRI). During his – still ongoing – research he collaborated intensively with IBM teams from around the globe. He worked on joint projects with its Business Performance Services (BPS) department, spent a 3-months internship at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights (NY), and contributed to the BizTech project “Smarter Commerce Through Advanced Business Analytics”. The latter project resulted in an application for a patent.


    In his research, Johannes focuses on the improvement of selling solutions, i.e. combinations of products and services, technically and commercially integrated to address the specific needs of a client. Selling solutions requires a sales force with the right mix of roles, skills, and responsibilities. However, as research shows, long-term relationships with clients become particularly important for successful sales. Correspondingly, Johannes designs a business analytics model that takes the various, outlined factors into account and leads to an optimized compilation of sales forces and their assignment to specific clients.