New Design Thinking course at KSRI

  • Date: 01.10.2013
  • KSRI becomes a member of the global Design Thinking network "Stanford University Global Alliance for Re-Design" (SUGAR). In this winter semester, in close cooperation with partner universities St. Gallen and Zürich, KSRI is offering the course "Service Design Thinking" for the first time. In a nine-month program, four Master students from KIT will be using the Design Thinking method to tackle a real-life innovation challenge. Design Thinking was developed at Stanford University in California and is a method that puts human needs at the heart of innovation projects. Using the mindset of designers and the constant production of prototypes, the method ensures that direct feedback from future users is obtained and no developments without market relevance are made. The concrete challenge will be presented to the students as part of the global program kick-off at Stanford University from October 24 to 29.