KSRI teaches at Hector School

  • Date: 19.11.2013
  • As in previous years, members of KSRI gave lectures in the area of Service Science at the Hector School of Engineering and Management Hector School of Engineering and Management . Over the course of several days, various topics and concepts of Service Science were illustrated to students. KSRI participants were Prof. Rudi Studer and Maria Maleshkova with the lecture "Information and Knowledge Management“, Prof. Christof Weinhardt and Christian Haas with "Information Pricing“, Prof. Gerhard Satzger, Johannes Kunze von Bischhoffshausen and Björn Schmitz with "Service Pricing“, Prof. Stefan Nickel with "Supply Network Management“, as well as Dr. Helmut Wlcek with "Production and Logistics Controlling."