KSRI Speaker Series: Dr. Kai Hufendiek

  • Date: 03.12.2013
  • Everybody is talking about Grid, Smart Market und Smart Energy and so did Dr. Kai Hufendiek at the KSRI Speaker Series on November, 28 at KSRI (Bldg11.40 room 231). According to Hufendiek the basis for the description of tasks and roles in the electric energy system of the future is a detailed analysis of the challenges in the energy system caused by the turnaround in energy policy which is characterized by a relatively high share of fluctuating generation of renewable energies, decentralized power generation and storage. Intelligent interconnections within distribution networks (Smart Grid) and within market sectors, especially between suppliers and customers (Smart Market), will result in new technologies and new products on the market. To successfully address the future challenges in the energy system, a suitable and constant interaction of the regulated and the competitive network area is essential.
    Dr. Kai Hufendiek member of the Management Board division Sales and Distribution is responsible for the coordination of the issues due to the change in energy policy recommends a role model based on the regulatory network control instrument (Netzampel) that can be derived from the existing role models. His conclusions were well received by the audience.