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M.Sc. Peyman Toreini

Group: Information Systems & Service Design
Phone: +49 721 608-41581
peyman toreiniSzm0∂kit edu

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Institute of Information Systems and Marketing (IISM)
Fritz-Erler-Straße 23
76131 Karlsruhe


Since January 2016, Peyman Toreini is a research associate at KSRI and IISM.

Research focus:

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Recommender Systems 
  • Social Network Analysis



Due to the interdisciplinary activities of KSRI researchers publication lists also contain publications that have not explicitly been developed in the course of their activities at KSRI.

Book Chapters
Using Eye-Tracking for Visual Attention Feedback.
Toreini, P.; Langner, M.; Maedche, A.
2019. Information Systems and Neuroscience – NeuroIS Retreat 2019. Ed.: F. D. Davis, 261–270, Springer International Publishing, Cham. doi:10.1007/978-3-030-28144-1_29
Conference Papers
Designing User-Adaptive Information Dashboards: Considering Limited Attention and Working Memory.
Toreini, P.; Langner, M.
2019. Proceedings of the 27th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2019): Research Papers, Paper 139, AIS eLibrary
Journal Articles
Tool Support for Design Science Research—Towards a Software Ecosystem: A Report from a DESRIST 2017 Workshop.
Morana, S.; vom Brocke, J.; Maedche, A.; Seidel, S.; Adam, M. T. P.; Bub, U.; Fettke, P.; Gau, M.; Herwix, A.; Mullarkey, M. T.; Nguyen, H. D.; Sjöström, J.; Toreini, P.; Wessel, L.; Winter, R.
2018. Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 43 (Article 17), 239–256. doi:10.17705/1CAIS.04317
Conference Papers
Enhancing Joint Attention in Collaborative Information Dashboards with Shared Gaze Awareness.
Toreini, P.; Benke, I.; Langner, M.; Schaumann, S.; Schwarzenboeck, J.; Bamberger, C.; Maedche, A.
2018. SIGHCI 2018 Proceedings - HCI/MIS Workshop 2018 - The 17th Annual Pre-ICIS Workshop on HCI Research in MIS, San Francisco, California, December 13, 2018, AISeL
Designing Attention-aware Business Intelligence and Analytics Dashboards to Support Task Resumption.
Toreini, P.; Langner, M.; Maedche, A.
2018. 26th European Conference on Information Systems: Beyond Digitization - Facets of Socio-Technical Change, ECIS 2018, Portsmouth, UK, June 23-28, 2018. Ed.: U. Frank, Code 143975, Association for Information Systems
ServiceDesignKIT: A Web Platform of Digital Service Design Techniques.
Liu, X.; Leung, E. T.-M.; Toreini, P.; Maedche, A.
2018. International Conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology (DESRIST) - Designing for a Digital and Globalized World, Chennai, India, June 3–6, 2018, 34–48, Springer International Publishing, Cham. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-91800-6_3
Improving Digital Nudging Using Attentive User Interfaces: Theory Development and Experiment Design.
Hummel, D.; Toreini, P.; Maedche, A.
2018. 13th International Conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology (DESRIST), Chennai, India, 3rd – 6th June, 2018, 1–8
Conference Papers
Designing Attention-aware Business Intelligence and Analytics Dashboards.
Toreini, P.; Morana, S.
2017. Designing the Digital Transformation: DESRIST 2017 Research in Progress Proceedings. 12th International Conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology, Karlsruhe, 30. Mai - 1. Juni 2017, 64–72, KIT, Karlsruhe. doi:10.5445/IR/1000069452
Conference Papers
Interest-based Recommendation in Academic Networks using Social Network Analysis.
Toreini, P.; Chatti, M. A.; Thues, H.; Schroeder, U.
2016. GI Edition Proceedings Band 262 DeLFI 2016 – Die 14. E-Learning Fachtagung Informatik : 11.-14. September 2016 Potsdam. [Hrsg.] Ulrike Lucke, 23–35, Köllen, Bonn
SNA-Based Recommendation in Professional Learning Environments.
Chatti, M. A.; Toreini, P.; Thues, H.; Schroeder, U.
2016. eLmL 2016 : The Eighth International Conference on Mobile, Hybrid, and On-line Learning, 24. - 28. Apr 2016, Venice, Italy, 49–54, Curran, Red Hook NY