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Services make up the largest part of the GDP in industrialized countries. In contrast to development, marketing and delivery of physical goods, research on development processes and value chains in services is still a young discipline.

Furthermore, there are typically two different perspectives on services, which have very little overlap: the economic view on services as opposed to products and the ICT (information & communication technology) view on services as software-based services.

At the same time, the increasing relevance of services in all areas of business - also in the manufacturing industry - has led to broader definitions of the core of services being the "co-creation" (between customer and provider) "of value", thereby encompassing a wide range of economic activities.

We are focusing our research on those aspects of the "co-creation of value" that will significantly shape tomorrow's service industry (in an economic view) and are incorporating the intensive use of services (in an ICT view):

  • the support of joint value creation of partners and
  • the support of value networks via advances of ICT (Information & Communication Technology)
Using those key differentiators, we arrive at a number of research topics which are guiding our efforts in service research.