DSI Job and theses offers

The research group Digital Service Innovation offers opportunities for students, young professionals and (senior) researchers. On this page you can find the current job and research offers.

Openings for researchers

Graduate Program there are currently no open positions at the research group Digital Service Innovation.

Openings for theses and student assistant jobs

General information (process, template & citation rules can be found here (in German only).


Abschlussarbeiten und Hiwistellen der Forschungsgruppe Digital Service Innovation
Titel Betreuer Datum Typ
ab sofort Bachelorarbeit
vergeben Masterarbeit
Ab sofort Bachelorarbeit
sofort Masterarbeit
sofort Masterarbeit
sofort Masterarbeit
January 2018 Bachelorarbeit, Masterarbeit oder Hiwi
sofort Hiwi
completed Master thesis
completed Masterarbeit
sofort Bachelorarbeit / Masterarbeit