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Research Group Digital Service Innovation
Portrait von Prof. Dr. Satzger

Kollegiengebäude am Kronenplatz (Bld. 05.20)

Kaiserstraße 89
D-76133 Karlsruhe


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ServIS - Services for the Industrial Site of the Future

ServIS - Services for the Industrial Site of the Future

Björn Schmitz

Project Group:

Digital Service Innovation








Research Focus: Industrial Services, Service Management


Content and Goals

Value creation of manufacturing companies is experiencing a shift from the development of pure products to the bundling of products and services to product-service systems. The latter allow service providers to offer integrated solutions to their clients. The design and operation of these solutions require providers to anticipate future trends to take account of their customers’ needs at an early stage.

The objective of this research project is to identify current challenges and trends in designing and operating industrial services and to analyze their respective influence. In a first step a study shall be conducted to identify and prioritize challenges and trends. Afterwards, a prototypical solution for one of the identified challenges shall be developed.