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Speaker Series Dr. Daniel Schall Vertretung Robert Kern

Hinweis: Der Vortrag von Daniel Schall entfällt leider kurzfristig und wird durch den Vortrag "People Services - Efficient work processes leveraging the power of the crowd" von Robert Kern (KSRI/IBM) zur selben Zeit ersetzt.

Crowdsourcing in form of human-based electronic services ("people services") provides a powerful and scalable way of outsourcing knowledge intensive tasks to a large group of remote workers over the Internet or an Intranet. However, as there is only limited control over the individual workers, the approach also introduces severe challenges regarding quality management. In this presentation, Robert will demonstrate how a combination of statistical quality control and group decision theory can be leveraged in order to guarantee a certain level of result quality. A quantitative analysis of the approach based on an optical character recognition (OCR) scenario confirms the efficiency and reach of the approach. Robert will also cover preliminary results of a project in which the KSRI has evaluated the people service approach in a healthcare scenario together with IBM and two IBM customers.

Towards Social Crowdsourcing

Freitag, 17. Dezember 2010, 09.15 -10.15 Uhr
KIT Campus Süd, Geb. 11.40, Raum 253

A wide range of Web-based tools and socially-enhanced collaboration services have changed models of work. In today's collaboration systems, interactions typically span a number of people and services to work on joint tasks or to solve emerging problems. Web services and service-oriented architectures (SOA) are the ideal technical framework to automate interactions spanning people and services. However, the transformation of how people collaborate and interact on the Web has been poorly leveraged in existing SOA. In SOA, compositions are based on Web services following the loose coupling and dynamic discovery paradigm. We argue that people should be able to define interaction interfaces (services) following the same principles to avoid the need for parallel systems of Software-Based Services (SBS) and Human-Provided Services (HPS). This talk outlines major principles of mixed service-oriented systems focusing on novel socially-enhanced interaction models in crowdsourcing environments.

Zur Person
Dr. Daniel Schall is a postdoctoral researcher at the Vienna University of Technology. Prior to joining the Distributed Systems Group, Daniel has worked as a Technical Associate at Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton NJ, USA. Daniel received his doctoral degree from the Vienna University of Technology in 2009. His research interests include models for crowdsourcing, human provided services, social interactions, complex service-oriented systems, and reputation and trust mechanism in social networks. He has participated in a number of R&D projects in academia and industry.