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Dr. Daniela Sangiorgi

Design for Services


This presentation will provide an overview of Design for Services as a discipline considering where it comes from, what it is doing now and a reflection of where it is going. It will draw on research conducted for the co-authored book “Design for Services” (Meroni and Sangiorgi, 2011). It will use case studies to illustrate how Design for Services has been developing its role and competences by focusing on different areas of application related to service experiences, service systems, service models and service futures. It will reflect on how the discipline is currently challenged by the transformation of the concept of services itself. Services are no longer considered as a design ‘object’, but as a ‘means’ for supporting the emergence of a more collaborative, sustainable and creative society and economy. They are proposed as a higher conceptual order to think about innovation and value co-creation. This shift needs consideration when imagining the future of this discipline.

Zur Person

Daniela Sangiorgi is a lecturer in Design at ImaginationLancaster (Lancaster University). She is an internationally recognised scholar in the field of Service Design research, with one of the first PhDs in the field and co-author of the book “Design for Services” (2011) by Gower. Her research focuses on the role of Design for Service Innovation. She participated in EU research projects looking into methodologies and best practices for service design and social innovation. She has recently participated in a UK EPSRC funded research project on the role of design within healthcare clinical commissioning. She has been working with local manufacturing SMEs and multinational organisations exploring scenarios, competences and tools for their development into service solution providers.