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Speaker Series Luke Hohmann


In August 2012, Bloomberg BusinessWeek dedicated an article to a remarkable event that took place in San José, a city of a million people in the Silicon Valley, California. As many cities San José’s revenue had suffered seriously during the recent recession, while expenses kept growing. So, one Saturday morning, 90 leaders from neighborhood associations came together to fix the city’s annual budget – by playing games, serious games.
After a morning of intense collaborative gaming all groups agreed on the allocation of resources, as well as on concrete areas and actions to realize savings. They achieved a balanced budget, while at the same time getting buy-in from key representatives of the area’s inhabitants. After playing these budget games in 2011 and 2012, San José and Innovation Games are getting ready for a third round in early 2013. This remarkable success led to inquiries from many further US cities, such as Denver, Chicago, or Seattle.
The game played by the participants, “Buy a Feature”, was originally designed by Luke Hohmann to solve decision-making and budget allocation issues in companies. It is one element of a whole suit of online and offline games created by his company, Innovation Games®. In his speech Luke Hohmann will share more success stories and outline the potential of serious games to address complex management challenges.

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Luke Hohmann, an old school Silicon Valley entrepreneur, is the founder and CEO of The Innovation Games® Company. Luke, author of three books, graduated with a B.S.E. in computer engineering and an M.S.E. in computer science and engineering from the University of Michigan. In addition to data structures and artificial intelligence, he studied cognitive psychology and organizational behavior under such luminaries as Elliot Soloway, Karl Weick, and Dan Dennison.

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