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Speaker Series Dr. Veronica Martinez

Assessing the Customer Value-in-Use: the application of the Repertory Grid


In 2011, my research team and I published a journal paper explaining the importance and use of the assessment of customer value-in-use in product-service systems and its methodology based on the Repertory Grid – model used in psychology. We translate part of this research for practitioners in a form of a workbook. In less than two years, our paper has been cited 432 times in different journal articles; the publisher is still surprised and contacted us, it attributes the success of the paper to the novel application of the method. For this reason I think this method is interesting and relevant for all KSRI researchers.

After a short introduction to the method, we will conduct a hands-on workshop, so instead of you hearing the method, you can experience it. The intended learning outcome is for attendants to learn this research method, widely used in psychology, and test it by using a simple and enjoyable example. The attendants will learn the method for data gathering, the principles underpinning the method and the importance of it, from the user perspective. Since time is limited to 90 min., we will perform a quick and dirty analysis only and all teams will be able to report back to the workshop group.