Digital Farming - How emerging technologies impact the way that we grow food and manage the supply chain

  • Typ: Seminar
  • Semester: SS 2018
  • Dozent:

     Dr. Ronny Schüritz

  • Hinweis:

    Anmeldung: Mi. 14.03.2018 12:00 - Mo. 19.03.2018 23:55 

Digital transformation driven through emerging technologies has the power to turn entire industries upside down. Suppliers become competitors. Start-ups make their way to becoming the new market leaders. How can this process be managed by incumbent players in the market? Is it as simple as delegating it to the chief digital officer? Or should one provide acceleration funding and invest in external creativity?

This seminar is offered in collaboration with BASF. You will be working with a business unit that is driving the digital transformation within the division of agriculture. It is the objective of this seminar to untangle the term “Digital Transformation” for a particular use case and to help understand the foundational trends, shape big pictures on what future customers look like and derive strategic options.

The individual seminar topics will be based on an emerging technology with an application case in digital farming. As of today, digitalization has reached many parts of farming (e.g. GPS guided tractors, neural-network based picture recognition for disease detection) and this seminar will support in pushing the boundaries even further. Students will research cases, analyze best practices and compare strategic approaches of start-ups and incumbents in order to develop a better understanding of where the digital transformation in agriculture is heading. Among others, topics will include platform strategies as well as the digitalization of the supply chain.