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Beyond Funding - Exploring Perception and Effects of Enterprise Crowdfunding Participation

Beyond Funding - Exploring Perception and Effects of Enterprise Crowdfunding Participation
Typ:Bachelorarbeit / Masterarbeit

Benz, Carina 


 Crowdfunding has become a global phenomenon, using the public to obtain financial support for projects or ventures. Recently, it has drawn increasing attention among companies and public organizations for its possible application in innovation management. Organizations are experimenting with the in-house usage of the crowdfunding mechanism to drive innovation: In so-called enterprise crowdfunding (ECF), they enable employees to propose project ideas and to fiduciary invest company funds in idea proposals submitted by their co-workers. While the core of research related to (enterprise) crowdfunding focuses on the idea generation and the evaluation effect of the mechanism, we are interested in the presence of spillover effects on employee behavior and organizational culture. Employee engagement, cross-silo collaboration, entrepreneurial spirit or creating flat organizations are exemplary spillover effects executives expect from the implementation for Enterprise Crowdfunding. 

Research Goal

The goal of this thesis is to investigate how employees experience their participation in enterprise crowdfunding. A special focus will be on the effect of ECF on employee engagement. In a first step, a literature analysis shall be performed to generate an understanding of possible effects. Secondly, qualitative interview with employees having participated in enterprise crowdfunding shall be conducted and analyzed.



If you are interested, send a short motivation letter, your CV and transcript of records to carina.benz∂kit.edu.