Studentische(r) Mitarbeiter(in) und/oder Abschlussarbeit im Bereich “Monetization of Data & Analytics”

  • Forschungsthema:Monetization of Data & Analytics
  • Typ:Bachelorarbeit, Masterarbeit oder Hiwi
  • Datum:Januar 2018
  • Betreuer:

    Ronny Schüritz 


 “Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine” (Sondergaard, global head of research at Gartner)

Organisation find a wide range of to use data and analytics to improve its decision making. A new trend is “Data wrapping”, it is the use of customer-facing data and analytics to enrich products and services with the intent to add value for customers.

Together with the MIT we explore how “wrapping” creates value for customers and how these activities increase firms performance.

For this ambitious research projects we are looking for outstanding students to support the project (Hiwi, Bachelor or Masterthesis). Students should have great statistics skills (preferable worked with SPSS Statistics and/or worked as statistics tutor) and would like to work in a challenging and rewarding environment.

Position to be filled asap. Please contact me via ronny.schueritz∂ and provide your CV and transcript of records