It’s not what it seems to be! Cognitive biases as causer of resistance behavior and how to overcome them

  • Typ:Masterarbeit (Bachelorarbeiten auf Anfrage)
  • Datum:vergeben
  • Betreuer:

    Carola Stryja 

  • Background

    Sometimes innovative products and services fail to gain the market success they were expected to have. Consumer resistance against the purchase or usage of innovative products or services manifests in three behaviors: postponement, rejection and active opposition (Kleijnen et al, 2009). Often, consumers show initial resistance to an innovation even if the innovation is likely to enhance their life quality. The reason for such a behavior can be found in consumer’s cognitive misperceptions of the innovation and its benefits (Heidenreich and Handrich, 2014).

    Research Goal

    The scope of this thesis is first to explain important cognitive biases that mainly cause (innovation) resistance behavior and to summarize what existing literature (choice architecture, persuasion systems,...) proposes to overcome such biases (development of research hypotheses). In a second step, an experimental study shall be designed, implemented and conducted to test the hypotheses.

    We expect ...

    - good skills in Java (preferably first experience with Brownie)
    - preferably first experience in experimental design
    - independent and proactive way of working


    You are interested in working on this topic? Please send a short motivation letter, your CV and transcript of records to Carola Stryja.