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Participation and Crowd Services

Participation through Crowd-based Services (PtC) is a KSRI’s Research Focus concerning itself with the interdisciplinary assessment of understanding and designing participatory and crowd-based approaches in the area of service science. The team’s research focusses on the design, implementation, evaluation, and optimization of these approaches and corresponding platforms. A key interest of PtC is the application of such platforms in business networks and with industry partners.


Harnessing the Crowd for High Quality, Efficient Decisions

Digitalized societies enable decision making at scale with a granularity unforeseen in traditional decision-making structures. In digital society is also a nearly endless information flow afforded by connectivity of ‘the crowd’ in home, work, and community. With harnessing these realities comes pressing research and policy questions, including crowd incentive mechanisms, tradeoffs between individual and collective rationality, and appropriate ICT-systems supporting digital participation. The goal of the PtC initiative is enabling stakeholders’ participatory decision making and collaborative management.


PtC focuses on disentangling and understanding participant and facilitator behavior, the design of Crowd Services and modular and scalable ICT instantiations for web-based participation, as well as the validation of metrics of quality and assessment and the boundaries and limitations of crowd services.


The employed methods contribute to the generation, conceptualization, evaluation, funding, implementation, and increased acceptance of crowd-based and participatory processes. This research contributes to the interdisciplinary understanding of cognitive and collaborative processes that underpin these platforms, informs design options for approaches, and assesses their appropriateness for different settings and goals.