Digital Service Innovation (DSI)

Our conviction: We strongly believe that digitalization will radically transform the way value is generated for businesses and individuals. Information and communication technology will be the “glue” for service systems in which several partners cooperate to jointly create value. In a business context this means that innovation concepts have to elevate above the scope of the single enterprise and comprise customers, partners or whole ecosystems.

Our focus: We are fascinated by the opportunitities that digitization holds for service innovation. Our research focuses on concepts, methods and tools to design novel services and entire business models. At the same time, we run an integrated teaching and training concept within the KSRI to educate future leaders for a global, services-led world. Based on a solid understanding of service systems, students are developing economic, technical, social, and legal competences essential to successfully engineer and manage IT-based services. Courses are usually taught in English.

Our expertise: We specialize in analyzing and designing user-centric and IT-based services and evaluating them in practice – while tightly connecting business and technology. Our current research interests center around

  • Service Innovation: Enhance the innovation capabilities of service systems, e.g. via Service Design Thinking, Open Innovation, Enterprise Crowdfunding, Needmining, Innovation Adoption  (contact: Niels Feldmann).
  • Service Analytics: Leverage data across service systems, and apply data-based quantitative methods to develop and deliver novel services e.g., IoT-based Services, Risk-Based Contracts , Service Level Engineering, Customer Intimacy Analytics, Customer Contribution Management, Social Media Analytics  (contact: Niklas Kühl).
  • Technology Driven Transformation: Apply new technologies for the development of innovative digital services and service business models, e.g. via Data-Driven Business Models, Blockchain for Service Systems and Service Innovation for E-Mobility (contact: Ronny Schüritz).

Our team: We run a unique approach to closely connect business and academic research: with IBM as a key industry partner for the Karlsruhe Service Research Institute, IBM and university researchers are closely collaborating “on campus”. In addition, most of our team members closely work in projects with industry participation. We aim to early on integrate our students in our research teams and projects.