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Prof. Dr. Gerhard Satzger

Group: Digital Service Innovation
Office Hours: Nach Vereinbarung
Room: 4C-05
Phone: +49 721 608-48763
Fax: +49 721 608-45655
gerhard satzgerRrj6∂kit edu

Kaiserstr. 89
Gebäude 5.20, 4. OG
D-76133 Karlsruhe



Prof. Dr. Gerhard Satzger is Director at KSRI and is leading the research group "Digital Service Innovation".  His career does reflect essential objectives of the KSRI: interdisciplinarity and the interlock between academia and industry:  Dr. Satzger has managed to switch between both worlds throughout his career.  In addition to his academic qualifications and experience, he can draw upon a long standing record in national and international leadership positions in the IT industry.

His research focuses on the development and management of IT-based and IT-supported services, in particular on innovation via individualized design of services for customers and corresponding business models.

  • Service Innovation
  • Service Transformation
  • Service Analytics

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Satzger has obtained a diploma in Business Engineering from the University of Karlsruhe and an MBA from Oregon State University/USA. In 1993, he completed a Ph.D. program at the University of Giessen, before he earned his “Habilitation” from the University of Augsburg based on his work on „Capital Intensive Services in Global Markets“.

In 1989, Dr. Satzger joined IBM and initially held several consulting and financial management positions. Later, he spent time as assistant professor at the University of Augsburg before returning to IBM Germany as head of controlling in 1998. From 2001 to 2002 he ran the central planning group for IBM Europe/Middle East/Africa, based in Paris. From 2003 onwards, he was CFO of Global Technology Services in Germany - IBM's business unit that includes the IT outsourcing business as well as technical infrastructure projects. In 2008, Dr. Satzger co-founded the Karlsruhe Service Research Institute, a joint institution of IBM and the University of Karlsruhe, and led its research group “Digital Service Innovation”. Between 2011 and 2014, Dr. Satzger lead a research-prone unit of IBM in Europe (IBM Business Performance Services) and managed global projects targeting enterprise transformation via the application of data-driven decisions (“Big Data”, “Business Analytics”).  Effective August 2014, Dr. Satzger returned to KIT and is leading KSRI as one of its directors.

Although spending just a few years exclusively in academia, Dr. Satzger has authored more than 50 articles in finance and services, many published in renowned journals (e.g., Business and Systems Engineering, ZfB, ZfbF, International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems, e‑Service Journal, IJSSMET) and conferences (e.g., ICSOC, HICCS, ECIS, IEEE CBI).

Dr. Satzger has received a variety of awards throughout his career, e.g. fellowship in the German National Academic Foundation, personal research grants from the State of Bavaria and Datev, nomination for IBM’s Golden Circle, the IBM Faculty Award and several recognitions of KIT for teaching quality. He serves on various boards and committees, e.g. the workgroup “Growth and International Management” of the Schmalenbach-Gesellschaft or the German Association of Law and Informatics (DGRI).


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Journal Contributions

Articles in Books and Collections

  • Hirt, R.; Kühl, N.; Schmitz, B.; Satzger, G. 2018
    Towards Service-oriented Cognitive Analytics for Smart Service Systems
    forthcoming, Proceedings of the 51th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), Waikoloa, Hawaii.

  • Schüritz, R.; Seebacher, S.; Satzger, G.; Schwarz, L. 2017
    Datatization as the Next Frontier of Servitization – Understanding the Challenges for Transforming Organizations
    Thirty Eighth International Conference on Information Systems, forthcoming.

  • Schüritz, R.; Brand, E.; Satzger, G.; Kunze von Bischhoffshausen, J. 2017
    How to Cultivate Analytics Capabilities Within an Organization? – Design and Types of Analytics Competency Centers
    Proceedings of the 25th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS), 25, 389-404, Guimarães, Portugal, ISBN: ISBN 978-0-9915567-0-0.

  • Stryja, C.; Satzger, G.; Dorner, V. 2017
    A Decision Support System Design to Overcome Resistance towards Sustainable Innovations
    Proceedings of the 25th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS), 2885-2895, Guimarães, Portugal, more.

  • Schmitz, B.; Satzger, G.; Gitzel, R. 2017
    More Observations, More Variables or More Quality? - Data Acquisition Strategies to Enhance Uncertainty Analytics for Industrial Service Contracting
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  • Hirt, R.; Kühl, N.; Satzger, G. 2017
    An End-to-End Process Model for Supervised Machine Learning Classification: From Problem to Deployment in Information Systems
    12th International Conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology (DESRIST).

  • Schmitz, B.; Düffort, F.; Satzger, G. 2016
    Managing Uncertainty in Industrial Full Service Contracts - Digital Support for Design and Delivery
    Proceedings of the 18th IEEE Conference on Business Informatics (CBI), 123-132, IEEE, Paris, France, ISBN: 978-1-5090-3231-0, [DOI].

  • Schüritz, R.; Satzger, G. 2016
    Patterns of Data-Infused Business Model Innovation
    IEEE 18th Conference on Business Informatics (CBI).

  • Eckstein, L.; Kühl, N.; Satzger, G. 2016
    Towards Extracting Customer Needs from Incident Tickets in IT Services
    IEEE Conference on Business Informatics (CBI), Paris.

  • Kühl, N.; Scheurenbrand, J.; Satzger, G. 2016
    Needmining: Identifying Micro Blog Data Containing Customer Needs
    Proceedings of the 24th European Conference of Information Systems, more.

  • Goldberg, M.; Satzger, G.; Fromm, H. 2016
    Retained Organizations in IT Outsourcing: Adapting IT Service Management for Successful Multi-sourcing Service Integration
    Proceedings of the 24th European Conference of Information Systems, forthcoming.

  • Kühl, N.; Scheurenbrand, J.; Satzger, G. 2016
    ''Needs from Tweets'': Towards Deriving Customer Needs From Micro Blog Data
    Multikonferenz Wirtschaftsinformatik (MKWI) 2016, Illmenau, Germany, more.

  • Kühl, N.; Walk, J.; Stryja, C.; Satzger, G. 2015
    Towards a service-oriented business model framework for e-mobility
    European Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Congress, Brussels, Belgium.

  • Kohler, M.; Hottum, P.; Fromm, H.; Satzger, G. 2015
    Produktivität und Kundeneinbindung: Analyse der Auswirkungen des Kundenbeitrags für die Dienstleistungsentwicklung
    ServUp: Phasenübergreifendes Service Life Cycle Management zur Steigerung der Dienstleistungsproduktivität, 66-90, Fraunhofer-Verlag.

  • Goldberg, M.; Satzger, G. 2015
    Designing Organizational Models for Service Integration in a Multi-sourcing Context
    Proceedings of the 21st Americas Conference on Information Systems, more.

  • Goldberg, M.; Satzger, G.; Kieninger, A. 2015
    A Capability Framework for IT Service Integration and Management in Multi-Sourcing
    ECIS 2015 Completed Research Papers, ISBN: ISBN 978-3-00-050284-2, [DOI].

  • Kunze von Bischhoffshausen, J.; Paatsch, M.; Reuter-Oppermann, M.; Satzger, G.; Fromm, H. 2015
    An Information System for Sales Team Assignments Utilizing Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
    Proceedings of the 17th IEEE Conference on Business Informatics (CBI), 1, 68-76, ISBN: 978-1-4673-7340-1.

  • Stryja, C.; Schüritz, R.; Kühl, N.; Hottum, P.; Satzger, G. 2015
    Entwicklung eines Frameworks zur Beschreibung von Geschäftsmodellen für Elektromobilitätsdienstleistungen
    Konferenzband der 9. Internationalen Energiewirtschaftstagung (IEWT), Wien, Österreich.

  • Blomberg, J.; Boyette, N.; Chandra, A.; Oh, S.; Zhou, R.; Strong, R.; Jones, W.; Gehb, O.; Vogt, A.; Satzger, G. 2014
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  • Kieninger, A.; Straeten, D.; Kimbrough, S.; Schmitz, B.; Satzger, G. 2013
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  • Kieninger, A.; Berghoff, F.; Fromm, H.; Satzger, G. 2013
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  • Kohler, M.; Feldmann, N.; Habryn, F.; Satzger, G. 2013
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  • Habryn, F.; Kunze von Bischhoffshausen, J.; Satzger, G. 2012
    A Business Intelligence Approach for Assessing and Monitoring the Return on Interaction in a Customer Intimacy Context
    Proceedings of the 20th European Conference on Information Systems - ECIS 2012.

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    Service Science – der Schlüssel zur Wettbewerbsfähigkeit in der „Industriellen Revolution 2.0“?
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Miscellaneous Publications

  • Satzger, G.; Enders, T.; Reimer, N. 2017
    Künstliche Intelligenz: Löst Watson den Controller ab?
    Controlling - Zeitschrift für erfolgsorientierte Unternehmenssteuerung, 24-28.

  • Genennig, S.; Hunke, F.; Jonas, J.; Möslein, K.; Oks, S.; Satzger, G.; Schüritz, R.; Schymanietz, M.; Seebacher, S. 2017
    Smart Services
    Band: 3

  • Schüritz, R.; Satzger, G.; Brand, E. 2017
    How to Cultivate Analytics Capabilities within an Organization? – Design Options of Shared Service Center for Analytics
    Presentation at the 26th Annual Frontiers in Service Conference., forthcoming.

  • Schüritz, R.; Satzger, G.; Eiermann, L. 2017
    Data Enriched Services - Options to Apply Advanced Analytics to Infuse Value Propositions
    Presentation at the 26th Annual Frontiers in Service Conference, forthcoming.

  • Kühl, N.; Satzger, G. 2016
    Needmining: Analytically identifying customer needs for designing new services
    Presentation at the 25th Annual Frontiers in Service Conference.

  • Hottum, P.; Satzger, G.; Hackober, C.; Schäfer, B. 2015
    Operationalizing Value Co-Creation: An Analytics Approach to Measuring Customer Contribution in Service Incident Management
    Presentation at the 24th Annual Frontiers in Service Conference, forthcoming.

  • Schüritz, R.; Kühl, N.; Stryja, C.; Hottum, P.; Satzger, G. 2015
    Business Models for Electric Mobility Services – Development of a user focused framework
    Presentation at the 24th Annual Frontiers in Service Conference.

  • Satzger, G.; Kern, R.; Pasing, A.; Pfau, G.; Fritz, R.; Schmid, A.; Peisl, R. 2011
    People Services: Efficient work processes leveraging the power of the crowd
    Abstract. 20th Annual Frontiers in Service Conference.

  • Satzger, G.; Habryn, F.; Kölmel, B.; Herzig, T. 2011
    CI Analytics - Assessment and Monitoring of Customer Intimacy in a B2B Context
    Abstract. 20th Annual Frontiers in Service Conference.

  • Howahl, F.; Hottum, P.; Fromm, H.; Satzger, G. 2011
    Fundamentals of a productivity model for service systems
    Presentation at the Academic Conference "Understanding Complex Service Systems Through Different Lenses".

  • Kern, R.; Bauer, C.; Thies, H.; Satzger, G. 2010
    Efficient quality management for human-based electronic services
    Presentation at the 19th Annual Frontiers in Service Conference, Karlstad, Sweden.

  • Kern, R.; Zirpins, C.; Satzger, G. 2009
    People Services: Manpower as a Service

  • Satzger, G.; Schulteß, P.; Neus, A.
    Knowledge Intensive Services Procurement Strategy

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    Procurement of Knowledge-Intensive Services – A Maturity Model

  • Satzger, G.; Ganz, W.; Kremer, A. 2008
    Service Science: Hype or Cornerstone for Future Success – A Five-Step Roadmap to Clarity
    Proceedings of the 18th International RESER Conference.

  • Satzger, G. 2003
    Wirtschaftsinformatik-Professoren der Zukunft – Sind Wissenschaft und Praxis notwendigerweise antagonistische Karrierealternativen?
    Wirtschaftsinformatik, Band: 45 (3), 377-379.

  • Dümpe, O.; Satzger, G.; Will, A. 1998
    Re-Intermediation Based on Electronic Markets