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SiNLAB - Service Innovation Lab

SiNLAB - Service Innovation Lab

Niels Feldmann

Project Group:

Service Innovation and Management




DB Mobility Networks Logistics, Hyve AG, Bibliographisches Institut, musopen.org, Studienkreis GmbH, VISENSO GmbH 






Research Focus: Service Innovation, Disruptive Innovation, Service Transformation
Research assistants: Peter Hottum, Marc Kohler, Andreas Neus, Carola Stryja

Content and Goals

The service innovation lab (SiNLAB) was launched at the Karlsruhe Service Research Institute in summer 2009. The lab is being run by the research group Service Innovation & Management of Prof. Dr. Hansjörg Fromm. In SiNLAB, we bring researchers, decision makers from industry and students together to the table. We use innovative methods to jointly generate ideas and bring them on the way. We draw on our accumulated research and at the same time develop our understanding of realities in innovation processes. We are a catalyst for the development of innovative services in the interplay of ideas, methods and doers.