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Value Stream Services

VSS Gruppe

Head: Dr. Markus Bauer, Prof. Dr. Kai Furmans

Secretary: Helga Neher,

The research group Value Stream Services (VSS) of Dr. Markus Bauer and Prof. Kai Furmans focuses on methods and services to systematically improve the flow of material and information in value streams (VS).

We define Value Streams as the entire scope of all material and information flows as well as those activities involved to develop, produce and offer services or products within a product line. VS cover the range of the activities of the supplier, different departements within a company and the customer.

VSS may be related to the product itself (e.g. transport and storage), they can be involved in the designing, planning or execution processes of the material and information flow (e.g. design, sales and inventory planning) or they can be concerned with the management and support functions for Value Streams (e.g. VS controlling). We examine services at each stage within the entire life cycle of a VS or product, from the product development process to the ramp-up phase and the spare parts supply and the product discontinuation. Our research takes an interdisciplinary approach considering logistics, production engineering, IT and management aspects.

Some of the research topics of our Research Group are listed below:

  •   Creation of value streams focusing on flexibility and supply reliability
  •   Inventory management in value streams
  •   Lean Transport Management
  •   Lean Management in warehouses
  • Information transparency and process optimization in value streams with the application of RFID