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Software Design and Quality

SDQ Gruppe Head: Prof. Dr. Ralf Reussner

Secretariat: Elena Kienhöfer
Links: SDQ∂IPD

The research group software design and quality (SDQ) headed by Prof. Dr. Ralf Reussner which comprises  KSRI and the affiliated  Institute for Program Structures and Data Organization IPD (KIT department of informatics) works on software technology as an engineering discipline and promotes  software design focusing on an engineer’s point of view. The area of activity covers all topics in connection with the systematic generation of larger software systems and ranges from the architecture design, development methods, tools and environments up to procedures for securing the quality and cost effectiveness of the programming.


The research group deals mainly with the close interaction between software architecture, software components, model-driven development and software quality. Particular focus is given to the processes for the systematic prediction of qualities in software and performance and reliability based on software architecture models using enhanced prediction models such as stochastic Petri nets, queuing models and Markov models.


The research group Descartes headed by Dr.-Ing. Samuel Kounev which is integrated in SDQ and cooperates closely with KSRI works on novel methods, techniques and tools for the engineering of so-called Self-Aware IT Systems and Services including research questions from the area of Cloud Computing.

KSRI relevant research topics are:


             Resource reservation in cloud computing

             SLA Management

             Benchmarking of software systems and Services

             Monitoring and analysis of software systems

             Automated model extraction, their calibration and maintenance

             Performance prediction (throughput, response, time, etc.) of complex software systems

             Reconfiguration of software landscapes regarding cost and energy optimization